Talks from the CRC Members in 2018


29.11.2018, Boston, USA, Northeastern University, ECE Seminar

Prof. Dr. Eckhard Quandt

Electrical Modulated Magnetoelectric Magnetic Field Sensors

29.11.2018, Northeastern University, Boston, USA

Prof. Dr. Christine Selhuber-Unkel

Dynamic materials: from single molecules to biomaterials

15.11.2018, eMEC 2018 - International Conference on electronics in e-health and medical applications, Munich (invited)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Bahr

Brain Signal Acquisition with Miniaturized Electronic Systems for the Investigation of Local Neural Networks

06-07.11.2018, Kyoto, Japan, Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference 2018

Dr. -Ing. Sebastian Salzer

Magnetoelectric Microwave Magnetic Field Sensor at 3 GHz

09.10.2018, The 9th International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Communications, Controls and Informatics System, Batu, Malang, Indonesia (keynote, invited)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Bahr

Biomedical Electronics

26.09.2018, Seminar of the Institute for Complex Materials – IFW Dresden

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jeffrey McCord

Challenges in ferromagnetic-piezoelectric magnetoelectric 2-2 composite sensor structures

16-19.09.2018, Biennial Meeting of the German Biophysical Society

Prof. Dr. Christine Selhuber-Unkel

Cells as actively responsive systems

13.09.2018, Ruhruniversität Bochum

Prof. Dr. Eckhard Quandt

Smart Materials Dünnschichten für medizinische Anwendungen, Festkolloquium "50 Jahre Institut für Werkstoffe"

06.09.2018, Mainz (invited)

Prof. Dr. Eckhard Quandt

Magnetoelectric Magnetic Field Sensors, JEMS 2018

09.2018, German Conference for Research with Synchrotron Radiation, Neutron and Ion Beams at Large Facilities, TU Munich

Dr. rer. nat. Bridget Murphy

Investigating Structures and Dynamics at Liquid Interfaces with Ultra Fast Timescales

09.2018, Diamond-II Workshop – Benefits and Opportunities for the Structures and Surfaces Group, Oxfordshire, UK

Dr. rer. nat. Bridget Murphy

Future prospects for X-ray Scattering from Interfaces

30.08.2018, FEMTO-ST Institute, Besançon, France

M. Sc. Phillip Durdaut

Magnetoelectric and Magnetoelastic Sensors for the Detection of Magnetic Fields

19.07.2018, San Francisco, CA, USA (invited)

Prof. Dr. Eckhard Quandt

Magnetostrictive multilayers for magnetoelectric magnetic field sensors, ICM 2018

05.07.2018, Kolloquium Universität Ulm

Prof. Dr. Martina Gerken

Biomedizinische Sensoren basierend auf mikro- und nanotechnologischen Ansätzen

07.2018, Werkstofforschung für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft, Lech am Arlberg, Austria

Dr. rer. nat. Bridget Murphy

Understanding Strain in Composite Materials for Biomagnetic Diagnostics

07.2018, Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria

Dr. rer. nat. Bridget Murphy

Understanding Strain in Composite Materials for Biomagnetic Diagnostics

13.06.2018, Kolloquium Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Prof. Dr. Martina Gerken

Sensoren basierend auf mikro- und nanotechnologischen Ansätzen

31.05-01.06.2018, NIBS conference

Prof. Dr. Christine Selhuber-Unkel

Controlling cells by micro- and nanostructured 3D scaffolds

08. – 11.05.2018 Seoul, Süd-Korean

Prof. Dr. Rainer Adelung

NGPT 2018 „4th International Conference on Nanogenerator and Piezotronics“

Piezotronic sensors for magnetic and electromagnetic fields

21. – 23.03.2018 Bengalore, Indien

Prof. Dr. Rainer Adelung

ICONSAT 2018 “International Conference on Nanoscience and Technology”

Wrapping 2D layers in 3D: Fabrication and application of high free volume Aero(carbon) materials

22.02.2018, PTB Berlin

Prof. Dr. Eckhard Quandt

Magnetoelectric Sensors: From Composite Materials to Biomagnetic Diagnostics

19.02.2018, Annual meeting of the Biophysical Society, San Francisco

Prof. Dr. Christine Selhuber-Unkel

Interconnected microchannels in hydrogels to control cell adhesion and mechanotransduction

2018, SHUG „Uni kommt zur Schule“, Flensburg

Prof. Dr. Christine Selhuber-Unkel / M. Sc. Katharina Siemsen

Zellen als Mikro-Kraftprotze

31.1.2018, German Society of Neurology Congress, Berlin.

Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c. Günther Deuschl

Deep Brain stimulation. Award lecture Wilhelm-Erb-Medaille.




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