Project SOP

Scientific Outreach Project

The scientific outreach project will focus on the development of three lines of activities, aiming at different target groups: exhibitions with a broad range of interactive and multimedia exhibits will be employed to present the different areas of the CRC and their interconnectivity to the public. A learning environment for school students, based on a teaching module and visits to out-of-school labs will be used to develop and investigate students´ interest and the understanding of today´s nature of science. For graduate and PhD students, a research-based training program for interdisciplinary science communication will be developed in close cooperation with the IRTG.


Lorenz Kampschulte
Lead of Project SOP
Ilka Parchmann
Prof. Dr.
Lead of project SOP
Carolin Enzingmüller
PostDoc SOP


Role within the Collaborative Research Centre

The role of the SOP within the CRC 1261 is to inform and to involve the general public as well as potential future researchers and users about and in discussions on the research relevance, the research areas and the research outcomes of the CRC 1261. Furthermore the SOP will enlarge the educational research base for the design of future programs on interdisciplinary outreach and science communication. A specific focus will be set on the broad interdisciplinary structure, as an example, for fields and approaches of research nowadays, including opportunities such as the close connection between basic research and the investigation of potential applications, as well as challenges such as the different languages and modes of representation in the different fields. The SOP will develop outreach measures based on research (scientific and educational) and investigate effects of selected outreach measures. The well-established cooperation between Kiel University and the Leibniz-Institute for Science and Mathematics Education (IPN) provides an exceptional foundation for this research-based design.

Project-related Publications

  1. Laumann, P. Hayes, C. Enzingmüller, E. Quandt, I. Parchmann, Magnetostriction measurements with a low-cost magnetostrictive cantilever beam, American Journal of Physics (accepted, 2019).
  2. Enzingmüller, L. Kampschulte, I. Parchmann, “Science Outreach in Sonderforschungsbereichen” in C. Maurer, Ed. (Universität Regensburg, 2019), Naturwissenschaftliche Bildung als Grundlage für berufliche und gesellschaftliche Teilhabe: Gesellschaft für Didaktik der Chemie und Physik, Jahrestagung in Kiel, pp. 548-551.
  3. Enzingmüller, D. Laumann, L. Kampschulte, I. Parchmann, “Kommunikation interdisziplinärer Forschung im Bereich Biomagnetic Sensing” in C. Maurer, Ed. (Universität Regensburg, 2019), Naturwissenschaftliche Bildung als Grundlage für berufliche und gesellschaftliche Teilhabe: Gesellschaft für Didaktik der Chemie und Physik, Jahrestagung in Kiel 2018, pp. 564-567.
  4. Kampschulte, C. Enzingmüller, W. Wentorf, E., Quandt, I. Parchmann, Medizinische Sensoren entwickeln: Zusammenarbeit verschiedener Disziplinen. Naturwissenschaften im Unterricht – Chemie 29, 41-45 (2018).

SFB1261 Microsite

Click here to visit our Microsite with information for students, teachers and the public (German and English version available).

Recent Publications

P. Durdaut, M. Höft, J.-M. Friedt, E. Rubiola, Equivalence of Open-Loop and Closed-Loop Operation of SAW Resonators and Delay Lines. Sensors 2019, 19, 185 (2019).

R. Hirschberg, M. Scharnberg, S. Schröder, S. Rehders, T. Strunskus, F. Faupel, Electret films with extremely high charge stability prepared by thermal evaporation of Teflon AF. Organic Electronics (2018). 

A. Kittmann, P. Durdaut, S. Zabel, J. Reermann, J. Schmalz, B. Spetzler, D. Meyners, N. X. Sun, J. McCord, M. Gerken, G. Schmidt, M. Höft, R. Knöchel, F. Faupel, E. Quandt, Wide Band Low Noise Love Wave Magnetic Field Sensor System. Scientific Reports, vol. 8, no. 278 (2018).




Prof. Dr. Eckhard Quandt

Kiel University
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